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The following manuals are available for the VSTi HALion 3 from Steinberger:

Garritan Orchestral Strings for Halion 3 HAL 3.1 Library For HAL 3.0 Owners HALion 3 Manual Multi Track Quantizing With BeatQuantizer Quantizing Audio With BeatQuantizer And BeatCreator 3
Read Me HALion 3.1 Scarbee Imperial Drums Demo Manual Scarbee Imperial Drums HAL3 Demo Read Me Scarbee R.S.P. ’73 manual Version History HAL 3 2 2 1400pb (Japanese)
Version History HAL 3 3 0 450 (Japanese) Version History HAL 3 3 0 450 rev02 (Japanese) Version History HAL 3 3 1 456 PreRlease (Japanese) Version History HALion Version History HALion
Version History HALion What Is New HALion 3.1 What Is New HALion 3.2 What Is New HALion 3.2.1 What Is New HALion 3.2.2 Update
What is new HALion What's new in HALion 3.5 Whats New In HALion 3.3.1 Update Whats new in HALion 3.1 Who is the Vienna Symphonic Library?

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