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The following manuals are available for the Cubase Studio 4 from Steinberger:

C4 CS4 4.0.1 Version History Issues Solutions C4 CS4 4.0.2 Version History Issues Solutions Cubase 4 Studio 4 4.0.3 Hotfix Version History IS Cubase 4.5.1 Version History Issues and Solutions Cubase 4.5.2 Version History Issues and Solutions
Cubase C4 CS4 4.1 New Features Cubase C4 CS4 4.1 Version History Issues Solutions Cubase Studio 4 Version History Cubase Studio 4.0.2 Version History IssSol (Japanese) Getting Started Studio
MIDI Devices (French) MIDI Devices Studio MIDI Devices Studio (German) Mackie Control (French) Mackie Control Studio
Mackie Control Studio (German) Menu Reference (French) Menu Reference Studio Menu Reference Studio (German) New Features
New Features (German) New Features (Japanese) Operation Manual (French) Operation Manual (Italian) Operation Manual Studio
Operation Manual Studio (German) Plug in Reference (French) Plug in Reference Studio Plug in Reference Studio (German) Read Me
Remote Control Devices (French) Remote Control Devices Studio Remote Control Devices Studio (German) Surround Production Tutorial (French) Surround Production Tutorial (German)
Version History Issues+Solutions Cubase 4.1.1

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