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(Description from Wikipedia) Scholz Research & Development, Inc. or SR&D is the name of the company founded by Tom Scholz to design and manufacture music technology products.

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33 manuals for 30 products from Scholz Research & Development are available:
Bass Rockman PGE 2 (Programmable Graphic Equalizer) Power Soak I Power Soak II Rockman
Rockman A12-50 Rockman Ace Series Rockman Bass Ace Rockman Distortion Generator Rockman Guitar Ace
Rockman Guitar Compressor Rockman Instrument Equalizer Rockman MIDI Octopus Rockman MIDI Octopus Remote Loop Box Rockman MIDIPEDAL
Rockman Metal Ace Rockman Rackmount Rockman Rockmount Rockman Smart Gate Rockman Soloist
Rockman Stereo Chorus Rockman Stereo Chorus/Delay Rockman Stereo Echo Rockman Sustainor Rockman Triple Footswitch Console
Rockman Ultimatum Distortion Generator Rockman Ultralight Rockman X100 Rockman XP100 Rockman XPR

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