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(Description from Wikipedia) Oberheim Electronics is a company, founded in 1973 by Tom Oberheim (a former design engineer at Maestro), which manufactured audio synthesizers and a variety of other electronic musical instruments. Originally a manufacturer of electronic effects devices, and briefly an ARP Instruments dealer, Oberheim went on to create several ground-breaking products in the early days of synthesizers and electronic music.

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36 manuals for 32 products from Oberheim are available:
Cyclone MIDI Arpeggiator DMX DPX-1 DSX DX
Drummer Echoplex Digital Pro Matrix 1000 Matrix 12 Matrix 6
Matrix 6R Matrix-1000 Matrix-12 Matrix-12 (Xpander) Matrix-6
Matrix-6R MiniGrand OB-1 OB-8 OB-Mx
OB-Sx OB-Tune OB-X OB-Xa OB12
OB3 OB8 Prommer SEM Strummer
Two-Voice Xpander

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