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(Description from Wikipedia) Fatar is an Italian supplier of keyboards for digital pianos, synthesizers and organs, based in Recanati, Italy.

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24 manuals for 22 products from Fatar are available:
CMS-161 CMS-61 MP-1 Footpedals PLS-49 Piano Learning System Studio 49
Studio 490 Studio 490 Plus Studio 610 Studio 610 Plus Studio 90
Studio 90 Plus Studio 900 StudioLogic CMK-149 StudioLogic MP-113 StudioLogic MP-117
StudioLogic SL-1100 StudioLogic SL-161 StudioLogic SL-2001 StudioLogic SL-61 StudioLogic SL-760
StudioLogic SL-880 StudioLogic SL-990

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