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Name Line 6 DT25 Guitar Amplifier Half Stack with DT25 Head and Cabinet

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Description Need one killer guitar amp that can do it all? Look no farther than the Line 6 DT25 guitar amplifier half stack. Combining the Bogner-designed DT25 amp head with the DT25 cabinet, this setup emulates a roomful of famous classic amps with Line 6's legendary HD amp-modeling technology. And since the DT Series utilizes real, reconfigurable tube circuits, it's more than just modeling. With four customizable voicings that you can tweak right from the front panel, it's never been easier to achieve any tone you can dream up.
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Name Line 6 Spider IV Guitar Amplifier Half Stack, with HD150 MKII and Spider 412 Cabinet

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Description Offering incredible editable effects and even built-in Looping, the Line 6 Spider IV Half Stack takes the impressive Spider IV HD150 amplifier head containing the most advanced Line 6 amp modeling to date and combines it with the truly versatile Line 6 guitar cabinet for an in-your-face amp rig to rival anything even close to its price range.
List Price $979.98
Sale Price $699.98  (29% off!) 
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